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Prevas Tech Trends no 2 2012
Explosives in the wrong hands make the world ever more dangerous. The new Explosives Directive of the EU, whose implementation in Sweden is supervised by the Swedish CIVIL Contingencies Agency (MSB), along with Prevas´ traceability solutions are import ant ways forward.

Orica Mining Services use Prevas' traceability systems.
Different types of explosives are used in terrorist attacks. Consequently, increasing safety in the handling of explosives is a prioritized issue in the European Union. It is essential that companies, making and handling explosives, have traceability systems covering such goods so that the whereabouts and the latest registered owner of them can be identified, at any time.

A prerequisite for the maintenance of correct and full details of such goods, throughout the entire distribution chain, is that each item is equipped with a unique identity marking and that each link in the chain employs a system that is able to keep track of each such item. Such a system will facilitate the tracing of each such potentially dangerous item, from production to final use. Orica at Gyttorp, Sweden, makes and handles different types of explosives for civil use, including bulk explosives, igniters and
different types of cassetted explosives. The buyers are primarily civil engineering firms, mining companies and assembly facilities throughout the world.

Prevas Tech Trends no 2, 2012


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