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Prevas Meets Medical Device Regulatory Requirements on Labeling for Astra Tech Products


Prevas, supplier of modern IT solutions to increase profitability within the areas of automation, logistics and traceability, has received an order for a traceability solution with the medical device company, Astra Tech.  The company has chosen Prevas´ software application, Prevas Snitcher Medical, to ensure proper labeling of its medical devices. 
Consumers and government authorities set increasingly higher quality requirements on manufacturers of drugs and medical devices. Not only must the product itself meet high quality standards, but also all published product information, such as labels, brochures and product information on company websites.
Prevas traceability solutions enable customers to meet the strict quality requirements from regulatory authorities and consumers. Furthermore, profits improve with new efficiencies such as minimizing the number of errors and reducing scrap costs. The cost effective solutions that Prevas delivers are based on more than 20 years of experience in traceability that is packaged in the form of its standard software program, Prevas Snitcher Medical. Besides software licenses and product support, Prevas also provides project management services, integration of the program with existing business information systems, and validation/installation services. Many of Astra Tech´s subcontractors will also be installing the system, thereby ensuring uniformity and accuracy in labeling throughout the supply chain.
“Our expertise in the labeling of pharmaceutical products and medical devices is continuing to get the attention of new customers. Prevas Snitcher Medical is without a doubt the market leader for software in this area," says Tom Hollowell, Prevas´ Business Area Manager for Industrial Systems.
“We are confident that this solution will help us to meet regulatory requirements and achieve greater efficiency," says Jan Andersson, Project Manager at Astra Tech.
Expertise Within the Area of Traceability Helps Build Confidence
Traceability is all about knowledge of a product´s components and being able to provide information on how and when they were manufactured. Prevas helps its customers keep track of the contents of their products and strengthen their brand name. Great savings can be attained by being able to quickly and accurately inform customers and consumers about any quality issues or recalls. Prevas traceability solutions also help customers achieve the desired level of quality during manufacturing.

Anders Englund, CEO Prevas AB
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Tom Hollowell, Business Area Manager for Prevas Industrial Systems, Prevas AB
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