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Collaboration on the wireless technology of the future strengthens Prevas as an IT company


Prevas has signed a partnership agreement with the Danish development company Zensys regarding their wireless communication platform. By using turnkey platforms instead of developing everything from the ground up, Prevas can offer its customers faster product development of an even higher quality. Increased use of turnkey modules is also a vital part of Prevas´ strategy to transform itself from a refined IT consultant to a more complete IT company.
It is becoming increasingly critical to reduce the development times for products based on wireless technology. With Zensys´ turnkey development platform, Z-Wave, Prevas can meet these customer needs and deliver complete solutions for controlling devices and products via Internet, GPRS, WLAN and Bluetooth.
"Z-Wave is a protocol that makes wireless communication between devices possible, regardless of brand and supplier. It is primarily used for controlling and monitoring home and office equipment. This is an area that is growing in demand," says Mats Lundberg, business area manager for product development at Prevas.
Prevas built up in-demand specialist expertise during the year the companies collaborated regarding a pocket PC-based test environment on the Z-Wave platform. This expertise will be used when introducing the new technology to Prevas´ own customers while the agreement means that Prevas will become Zensys´ implementation partner.
"The partnership is a win-win deal from which both we and Prevas gain. We can now offer a complete package to those of our customers who need both technology and implementation expertise. Prevas is of great interest as a partner since its operations are so big and it has access to resources in both Denmark and Sweden. We also feel they are very talented, enthusiastic and serious," says Carsten Pedersen, senior account director for Europe at Zensys A/S.

Mats Lundberg, Business Area Manager Product Development, Prevas AB      
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Carsten Pedersen, Account Director, Europe Zensys A/S
Tel.: +45 39 13 00 34, Cell: +45 21 21 86 58, E-mail:


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