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Mikon CEMS, Continuous Emission Management Solutions

Guarding the environment

The environment is valuable for everyone. Knowing your emissions in real-time is priceless.


Mikon CEMS (Continuous Emission Management Solution) keeps track of your emissions in real-time.
In today's world, the environment is high on every political and commercial agenda. Emission quotas must be met or traded, and emissions have to be reported. Real-time reporting can help a business to stay within quota limits, saving it from potentially large fines.  

Effective reporting

Mikon CEMS contributes to effective external and internal reporting, improves data quality, allows full traceability and provides 100% data reliability, it reduces the use of internal resources and allows for simplified administration.  The level of knowledge and control provided by Mikon allows our customers to meet government regulations and beyond.  

Mikon CEMS not only aids your reporting, it also contributes to the improvement of your standing with the market as well as the authorities.

Facts and contact

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Mikon CEMS

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