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Prevas solves Nordic challenge for Arvid Nordquist


Coffee producer and trading house Arvid Nordquist H.A.B. has selected Prevas GCM (Goods Certificate Manager) to handle its electronic EU goods certificates for customers in the Nordic countries. The certificates will be issued from head office in Stockholm for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.
“We have a need to issue electronic goods certificates to our customers in the Nordic region, and Prevas is the only vendor able to meet our needs from a single system", says Sara Kockum of Arvid Nordquist. “Being able to re-use information and not have to find a different solution for each market saves us a lot of time", she continues.
“The requirement for electronic processing of product information within the retail business is growing all over Europe", says Tom Hollowell, Business Unit Manager, Prevas Traceability Products. “Denmark is the latest country to require electronic goods certificates between vendor and wholesaler, as from 1 January 2006. We are working to help our customers in all the markets they serve. Prevas GCM is currently in use to supply electronic goods certificates for Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark", adds Hollowell.
The flow of goods certificates from vendor to distributors is growing steadily. Prevas´ software program GCM is the market leader in Sweden for electronic processing of goods certificates within the food and consumer industries.

Tom Hollowell, Prevas AB Business Unit Manager, Traceability Products   
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