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Prevas gains order from Japanese Car Manufacturer         


Prevas today announced that the company has won an important order from a Japanese car manufacturer. The order covers a customized single board solution of National Instruments modularized control and acquisition platform CompactRIO. Prevas will develop the new product using the modular CompactRIO platform and reuse the design in a single board version of the system, adopted for high volume manufacturing.

"National Instruments continues to see increasing adoption of LabVIEW FPGA and CompactRIO in a wide range of new embedded devices in a industries ranging from automotive and medical to renewable energy," said John Hanks, National Instruments vice president, industrial and embedded. "Developers are experiencing significant advantages in time to market and in the ability to make late changes because you can use the same platform for prototyping and high-volume deployment."    

This is the first order in a series of expected projects from National Instruments end customers. Prevas has a close cooperation with National Instruments and offers their customers to move developed applications from a lab environment directly into embedded solutions in serial products. This has not been possible earlier and it saves both money and development time for the customers.

"Prevas is a Nordic design house for intelligent products with the world as its market. One of Prevas' strongest competitive advantages is our ability to deliver IT solutions at previously agreed upon terms. These terms might be regarding the functional requirements, financial requirements, or both. Our strong expansion and our focus on centre of excellence strengthening our ability to offer development of intelligent products on the global market, says Mats Lundberg," CEO at Prevas.    

Prevas carries out product development in six “centres of excellence" that focus on different customer groups and industries, enabling Prevas to meet the unique growing needs of each industry. In general the trend is moving toward greater demands for design, quality, connection options and shorter development times for both industrial and consumer products.  

Prevas has more than 20 years of experience developing advanced embedded systems and has developed more than 2,000 successful products enabling many of its customers to become global leaders in their respective areas.

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