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Prevas signed a corporate agreement with Saab         


Saab, which supplies the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defense to civil security, has signed a three-year corporate agreement for consulting services with Prevas AB. The agreement includes software development and electronics design within technical system development.
The corporate agreement confirms Prevas´ position as one of leading Nordic suppliers of software and electronics in advanced technical products. Prevas has been a supplier to Saab for many years, and the corporate agreement will extend the former agreement by three years.
“Prevas has delivered customer benefit in the form of profitable and innovative solutions for the future for over 20 years. In order to assist our customers in the best manner possible, we also invest in long-term customer relationships that include deep insight into our customers´ enterprises. Saab has become one of Prevas´ key customers over the past few years. We are very pleased with and proud of Saab´s continued faith in us to supply the company with technical system solutions," says Mats Lundberg, CEO of Prevas AB.
Prevas´ product development is pursued in several different “centers of excellences", that is centers of expertise that focus on different customer groups and industries. The focus has enabled Prevas to satisfy the growing and specific needs of the industry. Demands for shorter development periods as well as better quality, design and connection possibilities for both industry and consumer products are increasing in general.
The market for developing products is characterized by an increasingly strong demand as a result of the necessary technology shift for an increasing number of products. Prevas has reinforced its position among customers as a result of its substantial expansion. The company is a current leader in integrated systems in the Nordic countries.

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