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RTX Telecom A/S and Prevas launch collaborative venture


Prevas has entered into a collaborative venture with yet another technological frontrunner - this time with the Danish company RTX Telecom A/S. To an increasing degree, companies heavily into development are in-sourcing technological peak competences in order to achieve an improved manoeuvrability in a market of choppy waters. This can be seen in the case of Prevas, where growth is high.
RTX Telecom and the development company Prevas have entered into a collaborative venture, which means that Prevas can be linked to a series of special projects in the RTX Telecom group. It is Prevas´s peak competences in the fields of mobile technology and telecommunications which RTX Telecom wants to draw on in a dynamic development process. In doing this, RTX Telecom are following a trend among companies who are heavily committed to development and who are increasingly supplementing their strength with outside peak competences in order to be able to react more quickly to the changing demands of the market place.
In the case of RTX Telecom a particular factor is to be found in the varying peak periods which impose severe demands on development resources. The company is behind close on 600 telecommunications products and can never be sure when an order will arrive from a customer. And when an order is received, delivery of complex products in return will often have to be done to a tight deadline.
“Our market varies, a fact which poses a big challenge in relation to both budgets and resources. Our collaboration with Prevas began, in fact, because we were short of capacity, but in-sourcing their engineers has turned out to have a number of advantages" says Niels Henrik Olesen, development director at RTX Telecom A/S.
“Thanks to in-sourcing we are creating an environment in which our employees are less burdened during peak-load periods, as well as the fact that they can feel reassured during quieter periods, since we can easily increase or reduce the number of outside resources we need. From a budget point of view, this has a good effect as well, since a part of the development cost will only be paid for when there is corresponding income", says Olesen.
These views find an echo at Prevas, which is one of the largest development company in the Nordic countries, and where there are collaboration agreements with a whole number of Danish firms such as Danfoss, Grundfos, Novo Nordisk, Radiometer Medical and Vestas.
“We are greatly benefiting from the pressure on those companies with a heavy commitment to development. The demands for ever shorter development times for new products mean that companies´ development divisions will be navigating in stormy waters with unforeseeable peaks and it is a challenge in terms of both resources and competences, which is why we are getting a lot of appeals for help. This year alone Prevas A/S has seen a 30 % increase in growth on last year, and there is nothing to show that the trend is about to change, quite the contrary", says Michael Carl, President of Prevas A/S in Denmark.

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Mats Lundberg, CEO Prevas AB
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Michael Carl, President of Prevas A/S
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Niels Henrik Olesen, Development director, RTX Telecom A/S
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