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Growth via on-site IT consultants


A year ago, Prevas began an initiative to provide on-site consulting at large companies in the Stockholm region. "We have experienced fantastic growth. Successful recruitment and a high demand for expertise in embedded systems has contributed to this success," says Peter Elvung, Regional Manager at Prevas.
In December 2007, Prevas established activities to widen its offering of qualified consultants working on location at large companies, i.e. on-site assignments. The purpose behind such efforts directed at large customers is to be able to offer and strengthen the competencies required for important general agreements, particularly in the telecommunications and defense sectors.
When taken together, general agreements, large customers and unique expertise create stability. Prevas' efforts to provide on-site consulting are one component of the company's long-term strategy. In combination with Prevas' design center activities, this provides flexible utilization of resources.
These activities are part of the company's Product Development business area, based in Kista, Sweden. However all of the consultants work at customer locations. In order for products to be successful, development times must be kept short and the quality must be right. At present, necessary changes in technology are taking place for an increasing number of products. The future challenge lies in being able to provide assistance with the right type of expertise.
"We have experienced strong organic growth. Successful recruitments of specific expertise in embedded systems has helped to ensure our future success," says Peter Elvung, Regional Manager at Prevas AB.

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