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Prevas and Interspiro - winners of the Swedish Embedded Award 2009


First prize in the Enterprise category of the Swedish Embedded Award was won by a sophisticated fireman´s mask at this year´s Embedded Conference. Prevas and Interspiro won with their newly-developed communication system for fireman teams.
A very happy and satisfied Jacob Norrby from Prevas received the prize. Jacob spent just over two years developing the project.
"This project is extra complicated since there are many regulations and requirements that must be fulfilled. For example, the mask must be explosion-proofed for zone 0, which means that charge-carrying components such as condensers can´t really be used. The fire requirements are also very strict."

The fireman´s mask´s communication system will be launched globally in 2010. The system consists of portable electronic units located on every fireman´s full mask. When firemen in a team talk, a radio channel is opened to allow contact with the others in the team. Simultaneously, other sounds such as breathing and external interference are filtered out. It is also possible to open links to and from the team via an external radio system. For example, the leader of the rescue team can contact the team from another location. 

The fireman´s mask is extremely easy to use and the communication between the firemen increases safety drastically. This is important in an environment where visibility may only be one to two meters.

"Firemen, especially in the USA, are injured or die simply because they do not have good enough communication with each other. I hope that this product will save lives," concludes Jacob Norrby.

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Mats Lundberg, CEO Prevas AB
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Swedish Embedded Award 2009: This prize is now being awarded for the seventh consecutive year.  Participants compete for the honor of being designated as having developed the three best newly developed intelligent embedded systems in the categories Enterprise (for Swedish companies), Student (for students attending Swedish universities) and Micro/Nano (for students and companies).


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