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Prevas and Interspiro's smoke diving electronics nominated for award


For the second year in a row, the engineering firm, Prevas, which is the Nordic leader for embedded systems, was nominated for the Swedish Embedded Award. Prevas is competing with five other companies in the category "Embedded" for this prestigious prize. Prevas' contribution is an advanced communication system for smoke diving teams.
The product was created through a cooperative effort with the Swedish company, Interspiro AB and it consists of a communication system, called "SpiroCom".  The communication system is primarily intended for smoke diving teams, which must be able to easily and reliably exchange information while they are working. 
The system consists of portable electronic units that are located on each fireman's headgear. When a fireman in the team speaks, a radio channel is opened to the others in the team — without having to use a PTT button. At the same time, other noises, such as breathing sounds and outside disturbances, are filtered out. Via an external radio system, it is also possible to open links to and from the team. For example, it is possible for the leader of the smoke diving team to contact the team from another location. 
The actual system consists of the following three units: an audio part with microphones and loud speakers, an integrated radio part, and a customized microprocessor solution. Besides being used for voice sound, the microphones are able to filter out other noise disturbances. The loud speakers have two functions: they serve as headphones for the user and voice amplification outwards.
Anders Malmby, Senior Vice President of Product Development Sweden, Prevas AB says the following:
"This was an interesting project because we relied on our core expertise in many areas within electronics design and programming.  At the same time, it is very satisfying to be able to contribute to increased safety for fire prevention smoke diving teams."
SpiroCom will be launched globally starting in 2010.

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