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Information about Cookies

Prevas uses session cookies to enhance the functionality of the site. Our cookies are not stored on your hard drive.  

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer´s hard drive when you visit a site using cookies. The cookie file can contain any data the site´s designer chooses. For example; preferred screen resolution, language or even login name and password. The information stored in a cookie can only be accessed by the site that created the cookie. The normal use for cookies these days is to store surfing behavior or previously visited sites, so that advertising can be targeted at you and your specific needs.  

What are session cookies?

A session cookie is a variable stored in your computer´s internal memory (not the hard drive). When the web browser is closed, the session cookie seize to exist. There is no file stored, and the information in the session cookie cannot be accessed the next time the site is visited. For example; shopping carts, menu selections or form fields.  

Does cookies contain viruses?

No, the cookie files are completely normal text files, and hence they cannot perform any malicious actions.  

Does cookies consume hard drive space?

No, the files are very small, compared to other web based files (such as images, and the pages themselves). All modern browsers have a limit to how many cookies can be stored on your computer, and you needn´t be worried about the space they consume, as this is handled by the browser. You can safely allow cookies to be stored on your computer without risking running out of space.

How do I remove cookie files already on my computer?

To completely remove one, several or all cookies, do the following:
1. Close all browser windows.
2. Open the folder containing the cookies (different for each browser, please consult the relevant manual)
3. Select the cookie(s) you want to remove/delete
4. Delete the cookie.

N.B. If you do a normal delete, the cookie file is sent to the Recycle bin. If you really want to delete the cookie, you have to empty the recycle bin as well.

To disable cookies, that is, to NOT let sites store cookies on your computer, do like this:  

Firefox: Select Tools/Settings/Privacy. The cookie settings are displayed in the Cookies section..  Netscape: Select Edit/Preferences/Advanced. The cookie settings are displayed. 

Internet Explorer 6.0: Select Tools/Internet Options/ Privacy and click on [Advanced]. The cookie settings are displayed. 

Internet Explorer 5.0: Select Tools/Internet Options/Security. The cookie settings are displayed.  

Internet Explorer 4.0: Select View/Internet Options/Advanced. The cookie settings are displayed.


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