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Strategic co-operation between Prevas and Kitron


To best meet the future demands from customers requiring best value support in developing and manufacturing their products Prevas AB and Kitron ASA have entered into a strategic co-operation agreement.

Industrial companies are currently facing a variety of challenges in the international marketplace. To be able to survive and grow in the long run they need to continuously develop new and smarter products and manufacturing methods.

Through the co-operation between Prevas and Kitron, customers get the opportunity of market leading support throughout their entire value chain including product & test development, industrialization, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, redesign, and other after sales services. In co-operation Prevas and Kitron will assist the customer to think product life cycle from the beginning and, by using a joint Component Information System (CIS), help standardized and optimize the products and cost structures.


Björn Andersson

Björn Andersson

Senior Vice President, Business Development


+46 21 360 19 33

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