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Prevas helping Lundin Petroleum with optimal data usage


Lundin Petroleum has created a strategic portfolio of accesses to the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS), amongst them the Alvheim project, which started production in the second quarter of 2008. As part of the Alvheim project, Lundin chose Prevas´ product Mikon to process information about production and other field information.
The challenge for Lundin was to make the data in question available to the entire organization. Prevas´ consultants were commissioned with eliminating manual handling of the production reports they receive from the operators, and also to make the processing of information about gas sales more efficient. The solution was Mikon Enterprise Asset Reporting from Prevas, combined with configuration, documentation and training.
Eliminating imprecise manual data searches removes dependence on manual inputs by individual employees, thus eliminating the risk of human error. In addition, manual data inputting is restricted to key figures. Mikon handling also means that better use can be made of the information extracted from the operators' reports. As a result, the increasing volume of data fed in does not result in extra work, and with the information becoming more measurable, the risk of incorrect inputting also disappears.
"Lundin has assessed various solutions for production reporting. With Mikon Enterprise Asset Reporting, Prevas has a flexible solution which meets our needs. Having conducted dialogues with other Prevas customers, it is now clear to us that Prevas is a partner with which we can build a solid future," says Tove Lie of Lundin Norway AS.
"An automatic, continuously updated system allows Lundin to follow the performances of the various operators much more closely and to respond much more actively to opportunities as they arise. It is possible to create more detailed specifications. Unnecessary work is avoided, leaving people to concentrate on more productive tasks. Both employees and management at Lundin benefit from continuously updated presentations, and a consequently improved understanding of income flows," says Geir Jåsund, chief executive of Prevas.

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Geir Jåsund, President Prevas AS, Vitaminveien 11a, N-0485 OSLO, Norway
Tel. +47 2279 7002, Mobile +47 482 57957, E-mail:
Tove Lie, Development Manager, Lundin Norway AS
Tel. +47 91 87 79 14, E-mail:


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