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Prevas receives new order from SSAB


Prevas has received an order from SSAB in Borlänge. The order relates to the upgrading of the system for the control and optimization of furnaces. The order is worth 6 million SEK and is estimated to be ready for delivery during early summer 2011.  
SSAB is a global leader in value added high strength steel. SSAB is currently experiencing an increase in the demand for thin plate and, as a result, is investing more in streamlining and optimizing its production. Prevas´ FOCS (Furnace Optimization Control System) product will replace the existing furnace control system. The new furnace control system is PC-based and incorporates enhanced functionality, such as two-dimensional temperature estimation.

“We see the potential for improvement with the forthcoming upgrading of the system, ensuring better quality results and reduced energy costs in the facility and, thereby, a positive environmental effect as well," says Christian Hägglöf, project leader at SSAB.

Producing steel products is very energy demanding. The material is heated and cooled several times in order to achieve the desired qualities. An efficient way of controlling the furnaces is required in order to optimize productivity, quality and energy consumption. Prevas has developed the software FOCS-RF, which performs this process of optimization, together with the trade associations Jernkontoret (Swedish Steel Producers´ Association) and Metallurgical Research Institute AB (Swerea Mefos, of which Prevas is also a member). An automatic control system that leads the way on the furnace control market.
“We´re very happy to have received this order, which is also proof that our strategic investment in the FOCS product is spot on. Prevas´ own experience in combination with its fruitful cooperation with research environments makes it possible to develop products and systems that fully meet the requirements set by our customers," says Christer Ramebäck, Business Area Manager for Industrial Systems at Prevas.
“The environmental potential of the FOCS product is huge, even if it is the economical factor that attracts the attention more. The system can immediately reduce energy consumption by 5 to 20 percent, at the same time that quality is improved and productivity increases," continues Christer Ramebäck.
Environmental thinking is one of the dominant trends in Prevas´ work. During its 25-year history, Prevas has provided its customers with know-how and competence and has often had a finger in the pie when it comes to saving energy. It is active in everything from crane control in refuse incineration plants, furnace control in rolling mills and reports on emissions to the design of future electronics.

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