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Test System Electroengine




Expertise in electronics and embedded systems.

Assignment: Test System

Electroengine is a company based in Uppsala, Sweden. It has given Prevas the privilege and opportunity to participate in developing an electric car and an electric boat. 

Electroengine has developed a complete system for the use of electric power. It can easily be installed in most cars that currently have internal combustion engines. At present, this applies to brand-new cars, but in the next stage, it will also be possible to install the system in used cars. The system  has a completely new way of monitoring and controlling a vehicle's batteries, which significantly increases energy output and useful life of the battery package. 

Prevas has contributed with their specialist expertise in electronics and embedded systems. Further successful cooperation between the companies has resulted in the world's first electrically powered boat. Nimbus Boat is first out on the commercial market with their Nimbus 27 model, which has a cruising speed of around 20 knots and a cost of SEK 50 for a full tank. 

"I am very pleased with our cooperation with Prevas. They have provided us with expertise and the power to innovate. They have also been very receptive to our efforts to develop a sustainable vehicle solution based on electricity," says Thomas Bergfjord, CEO Electroengine AB.

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