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Double nomination for Prevas for the Swedish Embedded Award



Prevas in collaboration with ChromoGenics and Ambu has progressed in the competition for the Swedish Embedded Award and has been nominated for the final shortlist. Prevas has two entries in the ”Enterprise” category of the prestigious award. The winner will be announced on 22nd November at Embedded Conference Scandinavia.

Dynamic glass for solar control
The entry from Prevas and Uppsala company ChromoGenics is a product for dynamic windows providing sun control when needed. By pressing a button, all the windows in a room can be darkened and exclude all light and heat from the sun – without losing the view. The solution is based on an electrochromic foil which changes characteristics by applying a low electrical voltage. 

Johan Bergsten, Sales Manager at Prevas in Uppsala says: “It´s been an exciting development project and I´m delighted that the product is now being nominated for the Swedish Embedded Award. The assignment was to design a scalable and flexible control system that could handle everything from dimming the light in a single conference room, to control of the passage of light through all windows in a newly constructed hotel. Prevas assembled a project group with expertise within among other areas, microprocessors, embedded software, Windows programming and hardware.”

Saving lives with technology
The second nominated contribution comes from the Danish company Ambu. Ambu have developed next generation wireless training manikins powered by Prevas technology. The new Ambu® Man Advanced ALS takes CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) training to the next level with a range of wireless manikins, incorporating improved electronics and built-in software provided by Prevas.

Death from sudden cardiac arrest accounts for about 15% of all deaths in Western countries. A substantial amount of lives can be saved if more people are familiar with CPR, and the use of training manikins is a key to achieving this goal.

“As one of Scandinavia’s leading medical & training equipment suppliers, it’s a great honour to have the technology and innovation inside the new AmbuMan recognised by the nomination for such a prestigious award,” says Fabian Sachs, Senior Corporate Product Manager at Ambu.

“The new range of wireless manikins are built on a robust hardware & software platform that deliver a unique and easy to use feature set that can be easily expanded with software upgrades well into the future. We utilized the latest mobile technologies running Prevas Industrial Linux (PIL) to create a powerful platform to run the Web App control and user interfaces. Indeed, the Web App browser interface enables training sessions to be controlled from any modern browser, without the need to download a dedicated app,” says Prevas Senior Project Manager Christian Ward.

This is the eighth time that Prevas has been nominated for the Swedish Embedded Award, which it has won three times.

The winners of the Swedish Embedded Award will be announced at Embedded Conference Scandinavia in November (


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