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Prevas Awards - the 2019 nomination period is closed. Thank you for your engagemang and all the nominations!

The winner will be announced before Christmas.

We are a team. In a team we want to give each other positive feedback. Now, you have the opportunity to promote a colleague to our award – the Prevas Award. A colleague that you think is a marvelous representative for our brand and our values.

We’ll keep it simple. Use the form to nominate a colleague. Just state the name and a brief motivation. Deadline is November 30th and the winners will be announced before Christmas.

Since we would like to strengthen our team and promote networking even more the price will be in in the spirit of doing things together. The winners will gather an afternoon in Copenhagen in May 2020, visit the office and we plan to visit an exciting customer as well. In the afternoon we’ll go to Malmö, have a workshop, and in the evening we’ll have dinner and relax together.

Our values are gathered in the acronym BOAT – Business Driven, Open Minded, Active and Team Player. You can read more about the values below or in the pdf to the right.

Business Driven

For us, being business driven means being helpful, attentive and engaging. We believe it is vital to take the client’s perspective in order to understand their challenges and needs, and do what’s best for them. By being business driven, we establish long-term, healthy relationships. Being helpful and business oriented is a common effort for everyone at Prevas. A business driven employee makes a huge difference to our clients – this means that our clients can expect us to be well informed, transparent, accountable and known for keeping promise. We believe that every employee’s personal actions affect the company’s overall financial success and its ability to attract new talent. Being mindful about expenses, actively developing our services, and seeking new business opportunities also applies to this value.

Open Minded

With an open mind, we never shy away from considering ideas and opinions that are different from what we’re used to. We view change as a potential opportunity. This may require leaving our comfort zone and exploring new possibilities. The process can often be challenging but crucial in order to grasp complex problems, find creative solutions, and to help us grow as individuals. Being open-minded also contributes to a more relaxed and friendly work environment. An attentive person uses phrases such as “hmm, that’s interesting, I wonder why” or “please explain more” instead of simply saying, ”no” or ”you’re wrong”. In addition, having an open mind and being free of preconceptions when it comes to gender, culture, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation, is what creates the strong cohesiveness in our team that we’re proud of.


Action is a powerful thing. At Prevas, we celebrate the inner strength, determination and passion of each and every individual. We encourage everyone to think big, challenge conventions, and innovate. It’s okay to make mistakes, because they help us become even better at what we do. In our organization, we’re big on action and ambition. It’s always better to try things, do things and take action rather than wait, hesitate and be passive. The best courses of action are the ones that get done. Through action, we create ingenious solutions for a better world.

Team Player

At Prevas, we work together in teams. Whether it is a team of coworkers, a combined team of customers, partners and even competitors, we firmly believe that collaboration accomplishes greater achievements. We strive to be great team members. We do our best in caring for one another, sharing knowledge and experiences, taking responsibility, elevating other team members, and giving constructive feedback. At Prevas, we help each other grow as individuals and as teams. It comes down to enjoying our time together, and that’s why we are all responsible in creating the best work environment for every one of us. This also includes supporting one another in achieving a healthy work-life balance.


We believe that ingenuity will save the world.


We co-create technological advancement for the betterment of all; people, planet and profit.


Hello Possibility.


Deadline is November 30th and the winners will be announced before Christmas.


  • ExSeed Health 

    Test sperm quality with your cell phone

  • Cylock 

    Antitheft Bicycle Parking

  • Uddeholm 

    Digitalizes Emergency Management Binders

  • GKN Driveline 

    Collaborative robot in serial production