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Hello Possibility.

We solve problems. Some might say we do it by using sophisticated technical solutions. They might not be wrong, but the most important success factor is probably our curiosity. Our unique ability to discover potential by simply looking at things from a different point of view.

Basically, that’s what Prevas really is all about.

We believe that this way of thinking will ultimately save the world. Ingenious men and women coming up with solutions that have never existed before. Solutions that streamline the steel industry’s operations and reduce energy consumption. A connected mobile device that sends a heart patient’s ECG in real time to the hospital. Or, through smart sensor technology, reduce the risk associated with knee surgeries.

We believe that ingenuity will do other things too. Minor things, but important to many people’s everyday life nonetheless. Like making sure your ice cream flavor tastes exactly the same no matter where in the world you buy it. Or keeping track of your bicycle and alerting you when someone tries to steal it. Or even helping you stay on top of your fertility cycle without having to step foot in the clinic.

These are just a few of the tens of thousands of problems we’ve solved since we started in 1985. All thanks to our ingenious colleagues and clients who saw something others didn’t. This is the way we want it. We call it “Hello Possibility.”

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Discover your business’ possibilities

Our clients come from all different kinds of industries. What sets them apart from their competition is their drive to leverage on the opportunities new technology brings. Whether it’s finding an edge, improving on or creating new products and services, or streamlining their operations – the Prevas team has been here to face these challenges together with them.

That’s why since 1985, our clients have trusted us to meet their demands, especially when they are extremely challenging. Our clients in the life sciences industry require the highest safety and reliability standards that meet strict regulations. Those who have come to us in the manufacturing sector are often looking for optimal efficiency and adaptability, combined with greater sustainability. And that’s where we come into the picture.

These are just two of the examples. Come explore more of the possibilities we have discovered together with clients such as:

ABB, Ambu, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, GKN Driveline, Hounö, Hy5, Kontigo Care, Löfbergs, Outokumpu, Sandvik, Zenicor, and Volvo.

What’s in it for you?

Improvement. And joy. That’s what we strive to offer you.

Together, we’ll find ways to improve your products, services, or even your entire industry. Greater efficiency, improved user-friendliness, and higher profitability – all created through Prevas’ wealth of technical and digital expertise, and our team’s unique ingenuity.

Improvement and change are fun! Especially when we brainstorm, discover, implement new solutions, and solve problems together as a team. And the feeling of accomplishment when everything comes together? That’s exactly what we want to give you.

Our problem-specific solutions can often be fitted together as a seamless, customized package just for you. That also means we seldom have to start from scratch when we embark on a project, so you get what you need faster.

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Our company culture

Shared core values are key to our success. They pave the way for better communication and co-operation, reduce the need for detailed rules and regulations, and make our organization more agile and worker friendly. Shared values serve as our mutual agreement and allows everyone to work more freely within our common beliefs.

Sharing values does not mean that we are all the same. We embrace differences and promote diversity. We believe that unique individuals are important in creating strong, successful teams.

Our values are principles that guide our daily behavior in relation to both customers and coworkers. When we respect our values and behave accordingly, we manifest our company culture.

At Prevas, we summarize our values in the acronym BOAT – Business driven, Open-minded, Active and Team player.

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Since the beginning in 1985, we’ve joined with our customers in solving tens of thousands of problems – and in most industries.

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    Collaborative robot in serial production

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