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Our responsibility, code of conduct and guidelines

We strongly believe that technology is crucial to solving our common societal challenges. We believe in it so much that it is imprinted in our purpose - Ingenuity will save the world.

Sustainability must permeate our operations and be based on our mission, vision, values and strategy. At the foundation of our work with sustainability is being an attractive employer and a responsible business partner, an approach we have had for quite some time. This also embraces focus on developing sustainable solutions, services and products.

Important forms of support in our day-to-day operations are our business plan and management system. We use these to systematically and continuously, further develop our operations and to ensure the quality of implementation, based on the demands and expectations of our main stakeholders. The management system shall contribute to operations being governed and conducted in a planned and controlled manner, as well as activities being monitored and evaluated so as to be able to make sustainable improvements. In this way, we can effectively deal with our sustainability-related risks, while further developing our operations and creating value for our customers and the planet.

Code of Conduct

Prevas is a global company and our activities affect many stakeholders such as owners, investors, employees, customers, suppliers, society and others. Our stakeholders must be reassured that we not only follow legal requirements but also maintain high ethical standards when we conduct business.

Our code of conduct serves as an ethical guide in all business relationships and is based on the Global Compact's ten principles for sustainable business, the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises and the ILO's fundamental principles. It covers areas such as business ethics, anti-corruption, human rights, health and safety. The code applies to all employees, including Prevas’ board of directors, and is also included in the induction program for new employees, where each new employee is asked to certify that he or she has read, understood and agrees to work in accordance with the code.

We do not undertake projects that are not in keeping with the company's core values or that risk violating UN principles and our own code of conduct. An annual review of the code of conduct is carried out to identify specific risks and to initiate actions.

Prevas Code of Conduct Pdf, 683.3 kB.


We have an organization-wide management system that includes quality, the environment and work environment processes.

Some of our guidelines and policies:


We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Our offices in Sundbyberg (Stockholm), Uppsala and Copenhagen are also certified according to ISO 13485:2016.

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