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Clavia DMI

Digital Musical Instrument Used by Superstars

Clavia DMI AB is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures digital musical instruments such as synthesizers, stage pianos and organs. Clavia’s products have enjoyed great success internationally and are used by superstars such as Prince and Madonna.

Assignment: Sounding board and consultant.

Sound quality and reliability are of paramount importance for professional musical instruments. A design free from interference is therefore essential to ensuring the products’ success.

Invaluable help
Prevas has supported Clavia in the development of new instruments for many years. As a sounding board and consultant, as well as with design reviews and pre-compliance EMC measurements (Electro Magnetic Compatibility).

– The help I’ve received from Prevas’ EMC Specialist has been invaluable, says Hans Nordelius, founder, innovator and CEO of Clavia.

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Maria Månsson, e-mail

Clavia DMI
Clavia DMI
Clavia DMI

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