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Interspiro develops, markets and provides advanced breathing systems for firefighting and diving. Their products are known to be top class and they are used in extreme situations and rescue operations.

Assignment: M2M solution, winner of the 2009 Swedish Embedded Award.

Interspiro AB assigned Prevas the task of developing a complete electronic monitoring and communications system for the breathing system. Today, these products are used by more than 8,000 firefighters throughout the world.

Prevas served as an outsourced R&D department that was responsible for hardware and software design as well as implementation. A great deal of effort was put into creating a robust, fully automatic system that is stable even in extreme situations.

The products place extreme demands on the electronics and mechanics, since they are intended for use in explosive environments.

During the last few years, Interspiro has become one of the world leaders in the market for firefighting and advanced diving equipment. Their products are known for their stability and rugged design.

Prevas and Interspiro won two awards for the newly developed communication system for smoke diving teams: Swedish Embedded Award and the Swedish mobile award, Guldmobilen, for innovation of the year.

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M2M Interspiro
M2M Interspiro

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