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  • Shh… don't say it [Innovation] too aloud!  

    For many organizations, it gets difficult to talk about Innovation even when everybody is talking about it. That scary word that requires so much thinking and resourcing, and that brings so much uncertainty!
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  • What is UX and why is it so important to my company?

    "UX and design" is what I usually answer when someone asks me what I work with. UX, what is it?
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  • Curious about how you can digitalize your field service?

    When organizations decide to work with digitalization, there are many pitfalls to watch out for. There is also considerable risk of thinking that you've introduced digitalized ways of working when you haven’t actually done so.
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  • Implantica 

    Implantica launching new standard of care

  • Robotize 

    Logistics for Smart Factories

  • GKN Driveline 

    Collaborative robot in serial production

  • Löfbergs' coffee-roasting plant 

    Cloud-based maintenance system