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To transform our customers’ requirements and ideas into innovative and competitive solutions, an in-depth understanding of their operations and businesses is mandatory. Prevas has the required knowledge.

We provide solutions and services for many industries. In some cases, our solutions are especially developed for a specific sector. In other cases, the solutions can be used in several industries, but adapted to a certain application, area or a particular customer requirement. In making a difference for our customers, expertise, dynamics and innovation are important at Prevas.

Industry Segments

Life Science

Life Science

The background requirement within Life Science is huge. In addition to a growing population, more people are sick at the same time, more are healthy and older, more need advanced treatments, there is a strong drive to streamline healthcare. Add the changes in regulatory requirements for medical technology products and need for advice and it is an area with very strong demand. This is an interesting area, where we are strongly positioned and our services continue to be evermore in demand.


Engineering Manufacturing

A major driving force in the engineering industry is the will to change. Sustainability, digitalization, automation, data-driven optimization, Internet of Things and more drive both the demand and the opportunities for investment and change. We are well positioned for the future with our solid background, understanding of the industry and ingenious approach to technological solutions.



Hopes for a greener world drive the development of renewable energy sources. There is also a strong platform in the Nordic energy industry where one can embrace digitalization and new technology.We are active in many areas of this industry and we have experience of products and solutions for production, managing and optimizing energy.



Self-driving vehicles, lower fuel consumption, electric/hybrid motors and higher safety requirements have become new focus areas for the automotive industry, together with lower emissions levels, higher quality requirements and lower production costs. Shorter development times, opportunities provided by new technologies and customer requirements for connected services are also examples of new challenges. We have long experience of supplying the automotive industry with high quality solutions.



The Nordic defense industry supplies the global market with world leading products, solutions and services. A focus area is continuously improving, developing and adapting new technology to satisfy the customers' needs in accordance with legal requirements. The combination of advanced technology and high demands for reliability and environmental sustainability fits well with our experience and expertise.


Food and Beverage

Key values for the food and beverage industry are time to market, sustainability, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Prevas has extensive experience in helping the food and beverage industry to improve these key values. Our experience ranges from automation to information management as well as from production development pre-studies to project management.

Products and units

Products and Units

These days product development occurs in an ever more advanced combination of integrated software, design of materials and form as well as minimalist shaped electronics. The units are frequently connected and increasingly smart. We can include here, for example, web-cameras, lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners and cycle helmets. The user is often a private consumer, but could also be a professional user, or why not a thing that uses another thing.

Steel and minerals

Steel and Minerals

Metal and mineral producers still face major challenges, both in terms of competition and profitability. Our offer to this industry covers proven solutions and services with connection to operations control, production planning, project management, automation, environment & monitoring systems and reporting tools. In order for our customers to optimize reheating and heat treatment furnace operations Prevas supply a unique solution, FOCS – Furnace Optimization Control System. Today 90% of all steel produced in Scandinavia is heated in a furnace controlled by FOCS.



The telecom industry is changing at the same fast pace as digitalization and these days there are lots of opportunities to get access to content and data.New opportunities are created via connected systems within both 5G-technology and increased network infrastructure. We have long experience of complex consultancy services and solutions for telecoms companies.

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  • Municipality of Karlstad

    Municipality of Karlstad secures the future of water supply and wastewater maintenance with HxGN EAM

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    Efficient stock management and reduced waste with HxGN EAM

  • Göteborgs Spårvägar

    Standardized and cloud-based maintenance system – collaboration between Göteborgs Spårvägar and Prevas

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    Flexible production system for Hydroscand

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