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Label System for Shorter Lead Times

Dentsply (former Astra Tech) develops, manufactures and markets dental implants and advanced medical devices within urology and surgery.

The company is growing rapidly and is currently represented throughout the entire world. For such innovative companies with technically adxvanced manufacturing facilities, there are high demands on both traceability and safety.

Assignment: MES. Traceability and Label System


Astra Tech in Mölndal thus required a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) labeling system with shorter lead times between design and the printing of labels. The company wanted a validated system with clearly defined processes.


The Prevas product, Snitcher Medical, supports the entire labeling process. This product manages design, new versions and the review, approval and printing of labels — with traceability throughout the entire process. Electronic signatures and email are used as an important step in reducing manual processing and paper flow.


Astra Tech uses an order controlled labeling system that saves time and reduces the risk of manual error.

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Label System MES Dentsply

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