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Increased Production and Better Food on the Table

In order to achieve the highest possible quality for frozen vegetables, it is important to transport them quickly from the field to the factory's freezer. Prevas helped Findus review its processes.

Assignment: M2M and MES. Procedure program for planting, harvesting, transporting and freezing vegetables.  

Findus Sverige AB is one of the country's leading food companies with just over 200 frozen products and 50 dry goods in its range. The company is active in the Nordic countries, France, Eastern Europe and Thailand. The vegetables deriving from the company's fields in Bjuv, Skåne, located in southern Sweden, are harvested by Findus' own farmers, while external road carriers take care of transport. It is extremely important that transport not take too long. The vegetables must be frozen within three hours to achieve the highest possible quality.

Together with Findus, Prevas developed a software platform that includes procedures for planting, harvesting, planning, monitoring, follow-up and traceability. Amongst other things, we developed a 3G communication system that makes it easier for the factory to contact the field, and vice versa. This allows freezer capacity to be maximized, leading to increased production and improved vegetable quality. 

The solution for Findus emerged as a customized MES system with Microsoft .NET and Oracle. There are modules for transport planning, field reports, arrival testing and production monitoring, as well as modules for HACCP (quality supervision), customer certificate and traceability of SSCC number and delivery batch. There is system integration with SAP, Movex, Citect, Imaje, etc.

Do you want to know more about this project or find out what Prevas can do for you, please contact us.

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M2M and MES, Findus reference
M2M and MES, Findus reference

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