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Lundin Norway AS

More Effective Revenue Reporting for Lundin Norway

Production at an oil field results in a great deal of production data being reported daily from operators to production rights owners.

If the oil field is small, the numbers can be kept track of in an Excel spreadsheet if absolutely necessary. When Lundin Norway AS started production at a new, larger field, it needed new, automated methods for production reporting. Such methods needed to allow for automatic input to databases, and improved search and reporting functions, while ensuring the quality of the data.

Assignment: PIMS, Process Information Management Systems.

“Ever since 2004 when Lundin Norway started operations in Norway, we have obtained an increasing number of exploration licenses (what are known as “blocks”) in the North Sea", says Tove Lie, Reservoir Supervisor at Lundin Norway. "The Prevas reporting product, Mikon Enterprise Asset Reporting, became a necessity when production started at the Alvheim field. At the same time, we also purchased configuration assistance, documentation and training."

Data optimization

The reporting method of using an Excel spreadsheet could not cope with searches in large amounts of data, and problems related to manual data input increased alongside the new oil field's increasing amount of data. The difficulty of producing consolidated reports for Group management became insurmountable. 

Production data is sent daily via satellite from the oil field to a common server located in Stavanger, which all Norwegian oil companies are required to use. From there, data is retrieved in the form of XML files, which are automatically incorporated into Lundin Norway’s database.

"Suitable tools had to be brought in before we were overwhelmed by the amount of data. A database structure was also needed so we could retrieve and compile data quickly, produce statistics, accumulations, ascertain trends and obtain a visual display of information about the field and production," continues Tove Lie.

Flexible solution

“Several alternative solutions were evaluated in order to find one that could meet our production reporting needs. Prevas’ product, Mikon Enterprise Asset Reporting, proved to be a flexible solution that could satisfy our needs. After contacting some of Prevas’ other customers, it became obvious to us that Prevas is a partner with whom we can build a future. We are very satisfied. We get the output that we want and the system engineers from Prevas have been extremely helpful,” says Tove Lie.

"It is naturally important to keep an eye on data quality," says Tove Lie. "We run checks on a regular basis to ensure that the information is accurate and reasonable."

The next step will be to expand the Mikon database to also comprise the new deposits in the Alvheim field. A discussion is underway with Prevas in Norway.

“A system that updates automatically makes it possible for Lundin Norway to follow the progress of operators more closely than was previously possible and actively work to realize the opportunities that arise. It is possible to store more detailed information than before. Unnecessary tasks have been eliminated, so it is now possible to concentrate on tasks that are more productive. Both Lundin Norway’s employees and its Group management team are provided with continual updates on progress, meaning they obtain a better understanding of the revenue streams,” says Geir Jåsund, Head of Prevas in Norway.

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PIMS Lundin Norway AS, reference

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