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OHB Sweden

Specialist Knowledge is Absolutly Crucial to OHB Sweden

OHB Sweden AB develops, builds, tests and operates satellites for different types of space-related assignments in communications, observations of the Earth, and space research. OHB is involved all the way from assignment analyses and investigations to the operation of satellites in orbit and in interplanetary assignments.

Assignment: EMC-specialist.

There are about 65 people working at OBH’s Swedish headquarters. Of these 50 are highly qualified engineers. Previously, the company was part of the Swedish Space Corporation but is now a member of the German OHB AG Group.

– The development time span of a Swedish OHB project is three years on average. These are long and costly projects where mistakes are costly and, at worst, may lead to us loosing the entire satellite during its mission. For this reason, analyses and tests are of vital importance, says Mailhes, who has collaborated with Bergkvist for years.

– Thomas is Prevas’ specialist in electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) and has deep knowledge in both the physics and the regulations involved. By OHB, Thomas has been given a key role as an independent technological expert whose foremost duties are to question requirements specifications and consult in the preparations of such specifications and then assess the extent to which those specifications are adhered to, says Mailhes.

– Thomas assists at many milestones in the course of our projects. He has very specific experience and knowledge in space-regulatory requirements and knows the explicit requirements for EMC relating to the duration of different missions. In telecommunications, a space vehicle must be operational in orbit for 15 years, for earth observations the requirement is 10-11 years. EMC is vitally important in all kinds of product development and the requirements are specified in a large number of standards, of which many are EU Directives. It is fundamental that these directives are complied with.

As chief procurement officer, Mailhes, among other things, is involved in the preparation of specifications of the equipment required on the company’s space vehicles.

– Thomas’ specialist knowledge is required during the entire course of every project. Often he participates in meetings with individual suppliers. He is there to determine whether or not new tests are required or if clarifications are needed. In this way he contributes strongly to higher quality in our requirements specifications.

– We buy a lot of peripheral equipment and there are very specific requirements on every single material, which is why specialist knowledge is imperative. New requirements crop up time and time again. Thomas investigates whether or not the equipment satisfies the requirements imposed and whether or not the performance can be tested for compliance. He understands and is able to read all requirements specifications and suggestions from suppliers and verify the performance of equipment procured. It is also very helpful that Thomas is able to assess whether we are dealing with a major problem or only with a minor one. He is able to help us evaluate quotes from a vendor, be a sounding board in discussions and contribute to wise decisions. That kind of partnership amounts to invaluable support, concludes Mailhes.

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Stefan Norrwing, e-mail

OHB Sweden

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