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Maintenance System from Ipads

SwedPaper bought Paper Machine No. 2 at the Korsnäs Mill from the BillerudKorsnäs Group. The divestiture was a condition imposed by the EU Commission for allowing the Billerud and Korsnäs groups to merge. No sooner had the ink of the contract dried than the work of installing and commissioning a maintenance management system from Prevas began.

Assignment: EAM, maintenance management system, system delivery.

SwedPaper, the new private papermaking group of Sweden took over the ownership and the running of PM2 along with some 60 employees. The deal also included a number of long-term agreements with BillerudKorsnäs, some of them covering the supply of commodities such as pulp, steam and water, others the provision of premises and other infrastructures, including IT support.

– PM2 is a machine that is known for making good paper and för having a well-functioning organization. That is why we wanted to take over, says Lars-Åke Brännström, CEO and one of four co-owners of SwedPaper who all have plenty of business experience, particularly from the pulp and paper industry.


Early in the selection process, Infor EAM emerged as a strong candidate for a new maintenance management system to replace the existing one. Important requirements for the new system was increased productivity from the daily work, user-friendliness and mobility.

– The main reason why SwedPaper chose Prevas’ solution was that it is easy and efficient to use and that it makes production more efficient. Its user-friendliness was confirmed early in the process. The Infor EAM system is already a big name in maintenance management internationally and used in many different fields. Through the contract with SwedPaper, Prevas is now breaking into the Swedish papermaking industry, something we of course are happy about, says Tord Svanqvist, manager of Prevas’ Center of Excellence in EAM.

– In comparison with the existing maintenance management system at BillerudKorsnäs, Infor EAM emerged as a better choice from all angles, from price and functionality to flexibility and user-friendliness, according to Brännström.

As new owners and operators of the machine it was important to us that the staff concerned was involved in the selection process

– Prevas contributed to this by demonstrating the system and by letting the staff test-run it. The response was very positive, which led to unanimous acceptance. The users liked Infor EAM immediately! It is easy to use, flexible and can quickly and easily be adapted to the needs of the organization, continues Brännström.

– The choice of Infor EAM was the best one for us from all angles. From price and functionality to ease of use and support, says Brännström.


When the EU approved the merger in mid-June, SwedPaper had a month and a half at its disposal to get the new maintenance management system up and running by August 1.

– Without proper control of safety-related issues such as interlocks and emergency stops, we would not have been allowed to take over the operation. For this reason, our time schedule was very tough and made worse by the fact that work had to be done at the peak of summer when people are on holiday, explains Brännström.

Prevas managed delivery, installation and commissioning in full accordance with the plan.

– All concerned dug in admirably,in order for us to manage this undertaking, from the consultants of Prevas who installed and commissioned the system to the IT staff of BillerudKorsnäs who made sure the the transition from the old system to the new ran smoothly. It turned out to be a robust and secure process in which all concerned were at the posts or available all the time. That experience boosted our confidence in Prevas, stresses Brännström who is very satisfied with everything.

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Maintenance system SwedPaper

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