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Westinghouse Electric

Efficient Production

Stringent requirements on safety, traceability and quality were important factors to take into consideration when Westinghouse Electric Sweden decided to modernize its entire manufacturing system, including the support systems. Prevas' expertise in MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems, the layer between business information systems and manufacturing) and Wonderware was decisive.

Assignment: Manufacturing Execution Systems, MES.

Maria Kolli, Head of IT at Westinghouse, explains.
"Prevas has a high level of expertise and experience in this area, which was a deciding factor for us. It was important to us to have a solution that complied with the ISA-95 standard, so this also influenced our choice of development partner," she says. 

Both Standard Modules and Special Solutions

On the basis of Wonderware software, Prevas was able to combine ready-made modules with a powerful development environment that enabled efficient development of the special functionality Westinghouse needed. In addition to the logic required in between the admin and production systems, Prevas has developed Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and a web-based interface intended to simplify operations and the distribution of production information in real time.

Quality monitoring is an important function in the new MES platform. Roger Keller, is a project manager at Prevas who has prior Wonderware experience. He says,
"The quality function alone was a comprehensive subproject. For this work, we created a framework for quality monitoring that covered everything from order processing to the operator involved in production, and back to the business information system again. Now it is possible to discover quality issues and address them much quicker than before, when production data was collected and dealt with manually afterwards," he says.

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Manufacturing Execution Systems Westinghouse

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