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Hexagon Ragasco AS

A Data Collection System that Keeps Track

Quality and traceability mean everything when Hexagon Ragasco AS of Norway makes gas bottles for the consumers and the automotive industry. Production takes place 24 hours a day, meaning that stoppages and rejects pose serious threats to the operation. For this reason, Prevas’ data acquisition system keeps tabs on all production parameters.

Assignment: MES. System for data acquisition.

Hexagon Ragasco AS at Raufoss, Norway has 120 employees* and is a leading player on the European market for the development and manufacture of gas bottles made of a composite of plastic, glass and carbon fiber. The company needed a production reporting system to supervise the quality and efficiency of all stages to achieve traceability and cost-effectiveness in the production process. Prevas was called in and solved the problem with a data acquisition system based on the Wonderware System Platform.

When the plant was opened in 2001, we needed an application to make our products traceable. The authorities requested our knowing where each and every bottle had been made, sold, etc. For this reason, every bottle is given a unique ID number which links to a production log, keeping tabs on where each product currently is in the plant. In addition, the technology is also used to check production at all the stations involved. At every step there are upper and lower limits e.g. for weight and leakage which must not be transgressed for each item to be released for further processing.

The Hexagon Raufoss AS facility is highly automated and operates day in, day out, year in, year out. It produces approximately 1.5 million bottles* a year and purchased by gas suppliers in more than 40 countries. Hexagon Ragasco AS is one hundred percent dependent on that the application operates.

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* Data from 2014.

Einar Alexander Andersen, e-mail

MES Hexagon Ragasco AS

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