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From prototype to certified product

Why buy a brand new electric bike when it is just the engine you want?

This surprised our customer, who realized that by using a portable electric bicycle motor, one can reduce the environmental impact, increase flexibility and reduce the risk of theft.

Electronics development and certification

We at Prevas (former Tritech) helped to take the development from prototype development to finished and CE-certified product. When the collaboration began, the prototype was developed by simpler electronic standard modules. Which meant that it was not possible to produce in series.

​After a short analysis and feasibility study, the project began, which was characterized by a close dialogue and close cooperation. The result was a high-quality and CE-certified product that goes into series production.​

​For more information about the product and Zipforce, see

Electronics, Certification and Start up.

Mats Bergmark, Prevas AB, e-mail

From prototype to certified product
From prototype to certified product

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