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Innovative hearing protection for group communications

The latest electronic hearing protection from the innovation company Sordin has unique functionality that allows a group of up to fifteen people to easily communicate despite noisy environments. The Sordin Share concept has been developed in collaboration with Prevas.

"Previous solutions for communications in noisy environments were based on only one person at a time being able to talk, while Share provides the opportunity for a natural group conversation with two-way communications," says Oskar Brattberg, head of product development and production technology at Sordin.

Sordin AB is a leading name in the development and production of passive and electronic hearing protection. The company's clients are in industry and hunting as well as in the police, military and emergency services.

Rapid technology development

The target group for the new Sordin Share product includes firms in manufacturing, carpentry and contracting, where people in work groups need to communicate in environments that require hearing protection.

"Whoever is in charge of the work group configures the protection according to a number of parameters, and defines which people will be in the group," says Peter Ovrin, product manager at Sordin. "Each member of the group can then customize their protection individually, for example by adjusting the audio profile, setting radio stations as well as the level of monitoring."

Through the merger with the companies Deva Mecaneyes and Tritech this year, Prevas has strengthened its expertise and position in product and production development. In developing Sordin Share, Prevas has been responsible for project management, mechanical design and integration of the electronics.

A challenge in the development of Sordin Share has been the rapid pace of development in communications technology. In comparison with smaller technology-intense projects, it has been important to shorten the time for the actual development phase in order for the product to be at the forefront when it comes to market.

Successful collaboration

"The fact that we have managed to implement the project quickly and cost-effectively is largely because we have a good working relationship with the client, where communications and common expectations are everything," says Mårten Olsson, consultant at Prevas and project manager for the development of Sordin Share. "We've also placed major emphasis on collaboration with purchasing and production, so that everything run smoothly."

Sordin Share was launched on the market during September 2021 and was presented at, for example, A+A Düsseldorf, the international trade fair for occupational safety and health at work, at the end of October.

"We are very happy with our collaboration with Prevas," says Peter Ovrin. "It's invaluable to have a skilled project manager like Mårten. He is consistent, clear, and drives the project forward with good communication, regardless of the function within our own organization."

Electronics, mechanics, project management, communications technology, work environment.

Magnus Löfberg, Prevas AB, e-mail

Innovative hearing protection for group communications
Innovative hearing protection for group communications
Innovative hearing protection for group communications

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