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Digitalized and sustainable system for administration, operations and maintenance

Prevas delivered the first administration, operations and maintenance system to the Norwegian Kystverket back in 2004. A few years later, it was deployed nationwide. Today, HxGN EAM administers all 22,000 navigation marks along the Norwegian coast – the longest coastline in the world counting Svalbard and Spitsbergen – including lighthouses and other sites.

The system is integrated with the Esri ArcGIS map solution, nautical charts, information portals and merchant fleet notification systems. HxGN EAM gives the administration an overview of long-term planning, budgeting and maintenance backlogs.

A major advantage of HxGN EAM is project integration, where planned projects can be used directly as a basis for government agencies to allocate funds,” says Per Erik Ose, system administrator at the Norwegian Kystverket, who has worked with Prevas on development and integrations.

Facilitates daily operations

Personell på Kystverkets skip and maintenance team use HxGN EAM web clients for planning and the HxGN EAM MobileTransit mobile app for deviation management. This can include extinguished lighthouses, maintenance activities, inspections, new construction and refurbishment, for example.

“There are many advantages to having a standardized system for administration, operations and maintenance,” says Bjørn Moland, Prevas product manager for HxGN EAM. “The system is flexible and can be developed and grow according to client needs. One example is a separate real estate portal for managing the registration and maintenance of properties, including fire safety documentation and an overview of registered historic buildings.”

Previously, personnel wrote work orders on paper, but now all information about performed work is fed into tablets. It makes it easy for the next person arriving at a site to resume work.

“One of our electricians recently told us that it had been three years since he’d used paper in his work. The digitalized system is much more user-friendly, and our field staff can use the system even in areas that are offline,” says Per Erik Ose. “The system is automatically updated when the tablets come back online.”

Another example of the benefit of HxGN EAM is when a smaller boat goes out from a larger vessel to conduct repairs and maintenance of floating navigation marks. The smaller boat is not always online or within sight of the vessel's crew.

“With the help of HxGN EAM, the crew can always still see the location of the smaller boat and receive job status reports in real time,” says Per Erik Ose. “It is also good to be to able share practical information via the app. This may include, for example, making coworkers aware of an especially difficult landing site.”

Integration provides faster navigation alerts

An important function for maritime safety is that when a problem, such as an extinguished lighthouse or a floating container, is reported to the vessel traffic service center, an automatic work order is sent to HxGN EAM. Within a few minutes, a navigation warning is issued and displayed on ships' plotters. HxGN EAM is also integrated with the nautical administrative information system, where new nautical marks are measured and automatically transferred to the administration, operations and maintenance system during design, commissioning and removal. The new API, now in version 12, gives the Norwegian Kystverket even better capabilities for integration with other systems, both internally and externally.

“My experience is that Prevas has a stable and solid core of skilled consultants who are ready to take on all challenges,” says Per Erik Ose. “Whenever it was critical to get ahold of someone quickly, I just sent a message. It has worked incredibly well, time and time again.”

Digitalisation, sustainable production, maintenance, management and operation

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Digitalized and sustainable system for administration, operations and maintenance
Digitalized and sustainable system for administration, operations and maintenance
Digitalized and sustainable system for administration, operations and maintenance

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