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We chose Prevas.

There are no typical working days!

We offer challenges in many different areas and you’ll be working with clients active in a multitude of widely differing sectors. This is why we can't describe a typical day at Prevas. Watch the videos and read the interviews with our employees to find out about their current assignments and why they chose Prevas.

Åsa Sandberg - Business Unit Manager

Meet Åsa, one of our stars. With Åsa, we’ll be realizing the smart factory and carrying out plenty of other exciting projects.

Axel Forsberg - Consultant

Meet Axel, who has studied robotics at Mälardalen University in Sweden and who will be joining us right after graduation. Who knows? That dream of a smart toaster just might come true.

Henrik Grunditz - Consultant Manager/Sales

When magic happens! Meet Henrik Grunditz, consultant and sales manager who meets our clients and matches them to our consultants.