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Digitalization and Automation - in the right way



That development is moving rapidly in automation and digitalization can hardly be overlooked. The development of collaborative robots, 3D printing, connected machines and smart support systems enables processes to be made more efficient in a ways that have never previously been possible.

Investments in the field from the public sector have also come up to speed, not the least through Robotlyftet*, which is intended to promote automation and robotization for small and mid-sized industrial companies. It is important, if not necessary, to benefit from this development if competitiveness is to be retained and strengthened.

For most manufacturing companies, digitalization has no value in itself. The goal instead is to facilitate core activities and make them more efficient. By handling existing data smarter and in a more structured manner, it becomes easier to see what is happening, when it happens and how it is possible to either prevent certain behavioral patterns or strengthen others. Structures data can also be used to show investment needs, to more efficiently plan personnel resources or to simulate alternative strategies. Digitalization done in the right way simply makes you smarter and more responsive.

Most important is to develop a strategy for digitalization that supports your overall strategy as you work your way forward. How can digitalization strengthen it?

How do you develop a strategy for an area where knowledge may still be limited? A good move is to look for new partnerships. When it comes to digitalization, there is no space for protectionism. If you are going to do it all yourself and in your own way, you run the very real risk of falling behind. Instead create alliances with customers, competitors and vendors to exchange thoughts, knowledge and experiences.

/Philip Holst, Senior Consultant Production Improvement, Prevas AB

* Robotlyftet: In English this would be Robot Boost and it is a program that the Swedish government has assigned to the Agency for Economic and Regional Growth to promote automation and robotization for small and mid-sized industrial companies. The purpose of the program is to support small and mid-sized Swedish companies in increasing automation of their production and consequently enhancing their process systems and future competitiveness. 


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