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News: 2019-10-08

Increased automation and digitization with help from Prevas and Robotlyftet

Robolyftet is a program initiated by the Swedish government and Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth to promote automation at Sweden’s small and mid-size manufacturing companies. Robolyftet provides financial support in the form of automation checks so that companies can cost-effectively bring in external expertise. Prevas has been designated as a recommended system integrator for Robolyftet.

“The automation check is truly a concrete example of how companies can quickly take steps to increase their competitiveness,” says Ylva Amrén, regional manager at Prevas. “What is unique is that it can be used for everything from preparing for an investment and increasing client competence to further training of personnel. Applying companies can receive up to 50-75 percent of a project's cost or up to SEK 150,000 financed.”

Swedish industry is facing continuous challenges and must come up with new solutions in finding the way to modern and sustainable production. By applying IT support and new technologies, productivity is improved. Robotized automation, connected machines with condition monitoring and data analysis with AI and machine learning are some of the tools that Prevas uses on customer projects to achieve efficient and sustainable production.

“We firmly believe in sustainable production through digitalization,” says Åsa Sandberg, who heads Prevas operations in Eskilstuna. “Prevas has worked with productivity for the past 35 years and with a focus on the major industries. It’s really great to be able utilize our expertise through this program in helping more SMEs.”

Automating production operations and making them more efficient are among the most important measures a company's management team can take in meeting the challenges of today's competitive market. Small and mid-size companies often have fewer resources and do not always have all the information on how automation and robotization can contribute to strengthening their development and the approach they should take. Robolyftet's initiative involves SEK 100 million through 2021 and consists of several different parts, such as financial support for companies, training programs and activities for building networks. Increased knowledge through training along with financial support gives many companies what they need to begin investing in automation technology and robots.

For more information about how your company can apply for an automation check, contact Åsa Sandberg, Ylva Amrén or read more at: Robotlyftet – automation checks, Robotlyft at companies, Preliminary study.