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News: 2019-10-08

Prevas sponsor for SmiLe Incubator

SmiLe Incubator helps entrepreneurs and startup companies in life science to develop and commercialize their products and services. Prevas is now going in as a gold sponsor for SmiLe Incubator and will guide the startups in the jungle of rules and quality requirements in areas such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, e-health and medical technology.

Caption: From the left to right: Peter Sundsten (Prevas), Kristina Hallström (Prevas), Maria Gren (Prevas), Per Brunmark (SmiLe), Peter Johansson (Prevas), Cecilia Larsson (Prevas).

Through arrangements with sponsors, SmiLe Incubator brings qualified experts closer to startups' daily operations. The sponsors become a part of the SmiLe community and can work at SmiL facilities. They are selected in a meticulous evaluation process with consideration to their type of specialist knowledge, commitment and offerings for startups.

“We’re very pleased that Prevas consultants want to come to SmiLe and work with our startup companies,” says Per Brunmark, business developer at SmiLe Incubator. “Prevas' expertise in life science and, above all, in regulatory issues is becoming an important resource for our start-ups. It’s very difficult for a small company to make the right strategic decisions in this area.”

SmiLe Incubator is Sweden's largest incubator in life science and offers a unique opportunity for startups to take advantage of a solid, collective base of experience. There are shared labs with approximately 400 instruments, technologies, skills and specialist networks. Developed products can include a new method for diagnosing a disease, a medical device for healthcare or a new drug.

“A dream come true!” says Maria Gren, responsible for Prevas’ initiative in quality and regulatory compliance in southern Sweden. “We see it as a major advantage working with SmiLe Incubator and together producing energy and power. Our strength is that we’ve learned the regulatory issues and requirements by actively participating in development projects. We take an operational perspective, we’re not much for lecturing, and we believe in simplicity and proximity.”

What many Prevas clients have in common is that they want to take advantage of current-day technological developments. For SmiLe’s start-ups, it’s also about developing products and services that improve health, well-being and that save lives.

“We can help companies avoid pitfalls if we can work close to them from the start,” says Cecilia Larsson, senior consultant at Prevas. “Our experience gives us the capability to find innovative solutions and we're happy to share our knowledge, which means that startups not only have access to our extensive knowledge of rules and quality requirements, but also the other specialist fields we have at Prevas.”