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News: 2020-09-01

Denmark gets its first MedTech Alliance. Nordic MedTech Alliance wants to compete with the world’s largest players.

Denmark has gained its own strategic MedTech Alliance which caters to the life sciences industry. Nordic MedTech Alliance (NMA) is the coalition which by developing digital health products, will be helping the Danish life sciences industry save people’s lives.

Digital health and IoMD (Internet of Medical Devices) are currently experiencing historic momentum. With high demand for digital interventions focusing, for example, on early diagnosis, individualized medication and improved administration of patients during treatment.

As the first in Denmark, the three Nordic companies Prevas, TPU and Dawn Health are now embarking on a collaborative effort to bring innovation and a new mindset to the Danish life science industry. They are market leaders in their respective fields, which are product development, mechanics, hardware and software. And under the new name Nordic MedTech Alliance, they are joining together in contributing a one-stop-shop solution. The idea is simple. By combining their total of 1,500 employees from three otherwise complex disciplines, they will be rationalizing collaboration and be able to support the life sciences industry throughout entire processes, from start to finish.

“NMA shall be the complete partner for the life sciences industry that can help accelerate the development of digital health products,” says Henrik Møller, managing director for Prevas in Denmark. “Digital infrastructure is on everyone’s lips and we are particularly seeing this in digital health. We thus saw a need for a Nordic partner who could support the Danish life sciences industry. All three of us come from a Scandinavian and innovative culture, which means we have the advantages that we can deliver quickly, locally and safely.”

From idea to finished product

The three partners in NMA constitute a combined entity, allowing them to perform the vast majority of the processes needed to develop digital health products. From the initial idea and development of the first complete test models to clinical trials, product validation, government approval and market approval. This until the product is ultimately completed with the final launch with the life sciences customer as the formal legal manufacturer.

“Getting an idea is usually the easiest part,” says Niels Hvis, CEO for TPU. “It’s the steps thereafter that determine whether an innovation becomes a success or ends up in the bin. This is a process that we specialize in. We have created an integrated system that promotes interaction. Normally, companies tend to make use of various partners and suppliers for activities in idea generation, research, development and launch. We have the skills to carry out the entire process. In other words, we can provide the fastest and most efficient route from initial idea to actual product for end-users.”

Digital interventions that save people’s lives

The alliance has already developed the first digital interventions for several of the leading life sciences companies in Europe. While the near-term goal is to be the main player in the Nordic digital health products market with a strong local presence and understanding, the longer-term plan is to compete with the largest suppliers in the global market.

“Today, more than ever, we need medical equipment that gives people increased control over their diseases,” says Daniel Daugaard, CEO for Dawn Health. “What’s new is that medical equipment now also consists of software and other digital interventions. This provides entirely new opportunities for patients who are increasingly taking more responsibility for their own treatment while ill. It is therefore important to create products that are reliable, user-friendly and meet the requirements of the authorities. Here we want the Danish life sciences industry to take the leadership position on a global scale in developing digital interventions that create value and increase the quality of life for people. We’re building the products of the future that will help create a better world.”

About NMA:
Nordic MedTech Alliance consists of the three companies – TPU, Prevas and Dawn Health. TPU works with high-quality electromechanical product development, innovation and the application of new technologies. Prevas develops electronics and embedded software that allow medical equipment to be connected to the internet (IoT). Dawn Health is a digital health company that develops software solutions for patients, doctors and other players in the health industry to save human lives.