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News: 2020-12-03

Record-breaking product development, that can save lives.

Danish company Sentispec has jointly developed the world’s first fully automatic fever screener with Prevas, called the ViraHawk. It can measure the temperature of passers-by and identify potential infection spreaders.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we had a device able to rapidly determine whether one or more people in a crowd had a fever and might therefore be a potential infection spreader” thought Andreas Claudi, CEO of Sentispec, when the Corona pandemic began to hit Denmark in spring 2020. It had to be a scanner that worked fully automatically, to avoid having to manually scan passers-by to read their temperature. That’s expensive and risky.

It was the start of a collaboration with Prevas that developed a prototype that Sentispec would then quickly be able to start producing. The first prototype was ready in June 2020 and ViraHawk was put into production, ready for sale as early as September.

“That’s development at record speed. In my 20 years in the industry, I have never heard of anyone being able to launch such a complex product within this timeframe. But it was essential because Covid-19 is upon us,” states Claudi.

ViraHawk works in the same way as video surveillance. It’s built into a box containing a heat scanner and a camera with face recognition software. When a group of people go past, it rapidly reads their individual temperatures from a distance of three meters using a thermal sensor and takes a photo of anyone whose temperature is too high. The image is immediately sent to an employee who can identify the person and check whether they have other symptoms, enabling a process that can identify a potential infection risk.
This protects employees, citizens and companies from the risks associated with high-risk diseases such as covid-19.

It only takes five minutes to set up a ViraHawk and it is also GDPR-compliant as it only saves images for a short period of time. Sentispec and Prevas are of course delighted and proud of being able to develop and produce such an essential product so quickly.

“This is a highly significant product able to save lives. We are convinced that it will be a success worldwide,” explains Møller, President of Prevas in Denmark.

More about the collaboration between Prevas and Sentispec.

For more information, please contact
Henrik Møller, President, Prevas A/S
Tel: +45 29 49 92 02, E-mail

Andreas Claudi, President, Sentispec
Tel: +45 40 82 12 22, E-mail

Søren W. Mathiasen, Sales & Marketing, Prevas A/S
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