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News: 2021-06-01

Taking the pulse of the energy industry, Göteborg Energi

In a series of talks, Prevas will be taking the pulse of the energy industry, an industry that is facing constant changes and major challenges. First up is a talk with Peder Holmström at Göteborg Energi.

During March, we had the opportunity to speak with Peder Holmström, who heads the department for measurement systems at Göteborg Energi. Peder has extensive experience in the energy industry and is driven, among other things, by constant development in the field of measurement systems and measurements.

Interim report January - March 2021

There is an incredible amount of activity in the energy industry these days.
Society is becoming increasingly connected and energy-intensive, which poses major challenges for the energy industry. There is constant debate about electricity availability and power as demands for increased sustainability are being heard from all quarters. In the midst of all this, millions of electricity meters are to be replaced around the country. For Göteborg Energi, this involves replacement of approximately 275,000 meters by 2025. In addition to all the logistics, the process of reporting data to the systems must also go smoothly, according to Peder, who is also the project administrator.

Alongside this, a digitalization journey is underway so as to be prepared for future challenges. Several digitalization forums have been established, working together across different operational areas in order to gather smart initiatives and to be able to set the right priorities.

Field service, digitalization, mobility and simplified working methods

Göteborg Energi has worked for several years with automation and consolidation projects within the department, which is responsible for measurement systems and the collection of measurement values. About ten years ago, nine different measurement collection systems were in use. Today, they are down to only two systems, and within a few years down to just one. It has been a fantastic journey that contributes to major savings on both the business and IT sides.

"The areas of field service and digitalization are under constant development with the aim of working smarter," says Peder Holmström. "We've now expanded our mobile way of working to include all fitters and technicians, and more types of job orders are in the pipeline. Route planning can also be refined to achieve an even better solution."

Success factors and continued work

As regards to success factors in the implementation of digital solutions and new ways of working, Peder believes that one strength lies in the fact that they themselves have led and run the projects with internal staff and with a broad internal foundation.

"We work with continuous improvements and take small steps forward all the time, a strategy that works well, Peder adds. "We use our resources where they do most the good to get optimal yield. And we bring in external expertise where needed. We are not best in all areas, but it's important to know both our strengths and weaknesses. We want to work more with partners who can complement us in our further development."

When it comes to future visions, Peder thinks it would be good to have a common platform for all field service jobs within the company. But they're not quite there yet.

The conversation between Peder Holmström and Prevas was extremely interesting and fruitful, and we hope that both parties gained something to think about in facing future challenges.

If you want to discuss digitalization, field service or mobility at your company with us, please contact Amrish Kubavat, business and operational developer at Prevas. We would be happy to share our experiences and thoughts in the field and help you in your continued journey. Prevas has both internal expertise and works with IFS (FSM) as a partner in the field.