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News: 2022-11-10

Prevas has signed agreement with Arba One AS

Becomes first IFS Ultimo EAM customer in Norway in partnership with Prevas.

Prevas has signed agreement with Arba One AS

Arba One AS is a subsidiary of Arbaflame, using its unique technology to produce environmentally-friendly pellets intended to replace fossil fuels. Arba One is located in Grasmo outside Kongsvinger and is the first full-scale commercial plant with an annual production capacity of 70,000 tonnes of ArbaCoreTM, as well as furfural, methane, and methanol.

Håvard Knappskog, solution architect at Arbaflame, and Stian Johnsen, maintenance manager at Arba One, explain why they chosen IFS Ultimo EAM: "Our technology produces a harder, water-resistant, and more energy-rich pellet type than conventional wood pellets. For instance, black pellets will be able to replace coal in coal-fired power plants, thus making an important contribution to the green transition. We are experiencing high market demand and have plans to build more plants in the future. We therefore considered it important to find a cost-effective EAM solution that was scalable and felt modern and intuitive. At the same time, we have an experienced EAM partner in Prevas, which can help us develop over time. A factor that weighed heavily in the choice we made."

“Prevas is already a recognized partner and supplier of maintenance systems and asset management in the Nordic market," explains Einar Alexander Andersen, President of Prevas Norway. "Our recently announced partnership with IFS Ultimo EAM enables us to offer even more customers attractive, cost-effective solutions for proactive and predictive maintenance, making it a valuable addition to our solution portfolio. We’re grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Arba One and look forward to accompanying them on their journey.”

IFS Ultimo EAM is delivered as a pure SaaS solution and will initially be put into operation at the Arba One plant but will be ready for rollout at additional plants in due course.