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News: 2022-11-17

Prevas signs new agreement for IFS Ultimo EAM

The Oda Group is the latest company to choose the solution.

Prevas AS signs new agreement for IFS Ultimo EAM

Oda is Norway's largest online grocery store and has seen impressive growth in recent years. With its revolutionary technology and value chain, the company has adopted a global focus, establishing itself in Finland and Germany. In order to help it keep a tight rein on its state-of-the-art facilities, it has now opted for IFS Ultimo EAM as its EAM system.

“Oda is very much a technology and logistics company focusing on efficiency and smart solutions at all levels," explains Jan Øyvind Lyche at Oda. "We build facilities and a value chain that make us an international leader in terms of efficiency and quality, and to ensure that our facilities deliver the best possible performance, it is also important to have a modern EAM solution that is scalable and guarantees that we do the right things every time. After exploring the market, we opted for IFS Ultimo EAM, supported by its Nordic partner Prevas, which can help us get optimum use out of the solution."

“Oda is the second customer in Norway that has chosen IFS Ultimo EAM through Prevas in a short space of time," says Einar Alexander Andersen, President of Prevas Norway. "We can see that this is a solution which will suit many businesses, and that with several systems in the portfolio, we can offer different options according to companies' requirements, organization, and ambition. Our goal is for customers to get the maximum possible benefit from the solution they choose, and we therefore often challenge them on why they are investing in a solution and what they want to achieve, so that we can design together a solution ensuring their success. We are proud that Oda has chosen us as its partner on this journey ahead and look forward to continuing to challenge them."

Prevas Norway is already forging full steam ahead with the implementation project in collaboration with representatives from IFS Ultimo and plans to go live with the first phase in January 2023.