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News: 2023-02-21

Prevas UX/UI-expertise helps Nipro choose new design concept

To improve their understanding of customer needs, Nipro Medical Europe chose to collaborate with Prevas when it came to conducting a comprehensive UX study of their medical devices.

Prevas UX/UI-expertise helps Nipro

“What I particularly appreciated early on during the initial discussions with Prevas was their approach of first establishing what problems needed to be solved, rather than jumping straight to solutions,” says Peter Drennan, the project manager at Nipro, a Japanese company that manufactures medical equipment.

Prevas’ analysis of user needs was based on interviews, surveys and observations conducted with end-users and experts from ten European countries. Prevas’ team also arranged a series of workshops to better enable Nipro to understand user behaviours and feelings and opinions about machine operation, as well as underlying motives that drive their actions and influence how they view Nipro’s products.

“Companies frequently have good ideas for how their products can be improved, but sometimes there is a lack of understanding of the customer’s wishes, problems and challenges,” says Maria Rojas, Team Leader Design and Innovation at Prevas. “That is what has made working with Nipro so great – they realise that the user perspective can lead to more satisfied customers, reduced development costs, higher revenues and a stronger brand.”

In addition to delivering and presenting the final design brief, Prevas has also assisted in handing over the assignment to the Nipro design team, which is now working to ensure that the captured insights, user needs and challenges are captured in Nipro’s roadmap for its next generation products.

“We expected talented designers, which we got, but we also got a strategic plan that we now use to ensure that we choose the right solutions within the new design concept”, says Peter Drennan.

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