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News: 2023-06-08

Prevas acquires cutting-edge company in Life Science

Prevas has agreed on an organizational transition for staff and current assignments at SDS MedteQ. The organization will be migrated to Prevas in June 2023. Since its founding in 2020, SDS MedteQ has provided premium regulatory services and consulting to medtech companies around the world.

Prevas acquires cutting-edge company in Life Science

Rapid development in medical technology and in the pharmaceutical industry, the increased digitalization of healthcare and preventive care in combination with regulatory changes in medical technology entail an increasing need for cutting-edge expertise in regulatory requirements and quality assurance. With this complement to operations, Prevas has gained cutting-edge expertise in clinical development, combination products and pharmaceutical-related products.

SDS MedteQ has 8 employees and their customer base consists of international SMEs and start-ups. In addition to Swedish companies, customers include a large number of Norwegian, European and American companies.

“We already know each other well, and I'm looking forward to working together in the further development of our strong range of services in Life Science,” says Robert Tönhardt, head of life science operations at Prevas. “With these services, we help companies to comply with rules and regulatory requirements and to develop innovative solutions for quickly getting their products to market.”

The leadership in SDS MedteQ follows over to Prevas, both Johan Sköld, consultant manager, and Anna-Karin Alm, who has been CEO at SDS MedteQ until now.

Anna-Karin Alm believes that with the expertise in engineering and quality assurance that Prevas already possesses, that the consultants from SDS MedteQ will be a nice complement.

“We're looking forward to becoming a part of Prevas’ strong presence in Life Science and medtech in particular,” says Anna-Karin Alm. “Together we can build on our existing services and contribute with our knowledge and networks regarding combination products and pharmaceutical-related products.”

Johan Sköld has this to say about joining Prevas:

“The requests we receive from our customers clearly indicate that we have the right strategic level of services. Together with Prevas, we’ll be able strengthen our expertise in solving our customers' challenges.”

The transition will take place in June and is expected to have a marginally positive impact on Prevas earnings per share during the current financial year.