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News: 2024-06-11

Exercise of warrants in Prevas’ warrant program 2021/2024

Prevas AB today announces that 382,500 warrants in Prevas warrant program 2021/2024 have been exercised for subscription of 148,337 class B shares in the company. Through the exercise of the warrants, Prevas receives approximately MSEK 5.5.

Within the warrant program 2021/2024, a total of 400,000 warrants have been issued to key employees within the Prevas Group. The subscription period for exercise of the warrants took place during the period from and including May 7, 2024, up to and including June 7, 2024. A total of 49 key employees in the Prevas Group have exercised their opportunity to subscribe for a total of 148,337 class B shares in Prevas through the exercise of warrants of series 2021/2024.

Through the exercise of the warrants, Prevas receives approximately MSEK 5.5. The subscription price per share upon exercise of the warrants was SEK 100, however, some participants in the warrant program chose to exercise the opportunity to subscribe for shares by using the so-called net strike method and thereby subscribe for a lower number of shares at a subscription price corresponding to the share's quota value of SEK 2.5.

Number of shares, share capital and dilution
Through the exercise of the warrants, the number of class B shares will increase by 148,337, from 12,314,093 class B shares to 12,462,430 class B shares. Thereafter, the number of shares in the company amounts to 12,885,230 shares, divided into 422,800 class A shares and 12,462,430 class B shares. The share capital increases by SEK 370,842.50, from SEK 31,842,232.50 to SEK 32,213,075. For existing shareholders, the dilution amounts to approximately 1.15 percent of the number of shares and 0.89 percent of the votes in the company.