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Products in the area of Industrial IT

Prevas’ mission is to streamline our customers’ production processes and create sustainable growth.

To make a difference for Prevas customers, the skills of our staff and standardization of our solutions are two key areas. With expertise in customers’ operations, combined with technical know-how, sustainable solutions are created.

By specializing in selected areas and applications over the years, and through collaboration with Prevas’ various departments, regions and partners, Prevas can provide all-encompassing solutions and products for our customers. Solutions and products that help you to achieve improvements in your operations.

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What effect does downtime have on a business where production is critical?

What would be the consequences of downtime to a company focused on development activities, where time-to-market is the most critical factor?

The development time for new products, as well as product life cycles, are becoming shorter all the time. It is necessary to keep on the cutting edge of technology and be able to quickly produce and launch new products.

In order to succeed with this, it is important to have in place a guaranteed high level of
accessibility to the tools required at all stages – from initial concept to final product. Prevas Customer Support has the task of providing security and “peace of mind” to customers through the carefully designed support services that it offers.

We prevent and solve problems. More about Prevas Customer Support.

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  • QuickCool 

    Portable cooling system for saving lives

  • GKN Driveline 

    Collaborative robot in serial production

  • Hövding

    Bike helmet of the future

  • Pilloxa AB

    Smart support for life-long medication

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