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Prevas and Exseed Health collaborating in digital fertility treatment


Prevas development partner to Exseed Health

Exseed Health is developing a digital platform that can help couples to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. Prevas has been appointed as a development partner for the project.

Research shows that women in one of five couples have difficulty in becoming pregnant and in 40 percent of these cases, the problem is with the men. Unfortunately, research show that men do not tend to test their sperm quality, due to among other reasons, a stigmatized view on fertility problems. Exseed Health is conducting a project that can help these couples.

“We've come up with a simple solution for testing a man's sperm quality,” says Morten G. Ulsted, CEO at Exseed Health. “It consists of a smartphone app and a small device along with a personally adapted lifestyle program that is designed to help couples to become parents. Using the camera in a smartphone and the microscope in the small device, men can test their sperm quality at home. The lifestyle program provides good advice based on the analysis for how changes to diet and lifestyle can improve sperm quality.

“The market for fertility services amounts to $40 billion yearly, but nearly all focus is on the women. There is hardly anything for men despite that in about 40 percent of all cases, it is male factors that are preventing women from becoming pregnant. With this solution, we expect to be able to help many couples to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.”

The development process has come up to speed and is utilizing the latest research on fertility treatment. Prevas life science experts have been chosen to help Exseed Health to develop the small device.

“Prevas’ experience in developing hypermodern electronics for the life science industry and small energy-efficient Internet of Things devices makes them the obvious partner for realizing our idea,” says Morten G. Ulsted.

Prevas’ development team is looking forward to joining the project.

“We're very proud to have been chosen as a development partner for this project,” says Henrik Møller, president of Prevas A/S. “This demonstrates once more that Prevas is a skilled development partner in the very demanding life science business area. Life science is one of our focus areas where we are making a difference due to our size, our expertise and our processes.”

Exseed Health’s concept has won them a place on Forbes’ “start-ups-to-watch” list. The product is being developed in close collaboration between researchers in fertility treatment and leading companies in eHealth, including Prevas and Trifork eHealth. The product will be launched in the third quarter of 2018.

To find out more, watch the video here.


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Henrik Møller

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