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Prevas signs agreement with OMV (Norge) AS



Prevas has entered into an agreement with OMV (Norge) AS to install Prevas’ product Mikon for automated production reporting in Norway.

“We believe this will be a big step in automation for OMV,” says Geir Jåsund, Business Development Manager at Prevas AS.

Mikon will collect, interpret, distribute and report data from the oil & gas production for OMV in Norway. The system will also provide additional calculations needed for OMV’s reporting, making sure decision making support figures are available, 24*7.

Handling production data manually or semi-manually can be a very tedious, laborious and error-prone process. Mikon saves a lot of manual processing, that in turn enables employees to spend more time on value-creating activities. In addition, management will get timely reporting and better decision support.

“Mikon can easily be expanded to cover other business regions, and consolidate a client's global oil & gas production,” says Mr. Jåsund. “We are excited and grateful to be chosen for this project. We look forward to work with OMV personnel to ensure this project will be a success.”


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