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Connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology development and digitalization are advancing rapidly. There are opportunities here as well as challenges for all organizations – regardless of sector, size or focus. In the field of connectivity and IoT, we support and help you understand how your products are used, how your production environment can be improved and how collected data can be processed to create value.

Digitalization creates good conditions for developing new innovative solutions, products and business models. But how can sensors, connected machines, wireless positioning and data analysis be used to increase productivity, improve service and maintenance, or strengthen my dialogue with customers? Where should we start and which methods should be used to create a cost-effective system?

Prevas' breadth and experience in IoT combined with expertise in IT security, data analysis and business development make us a safe and efficient development partner. We take products and solutions from the first sketches to certification, production and launch. We are also there to help improve products, systems and services that have already been introduced to the market.

Questions we here are "should we wait for 5G?", "what do we do with our GSM modem that is already on the market?", "how do we set up a stable and future-proof IT architecture?". Prevas has been supporting customers since the field was referred to as M2M (Machine-2-Machine). Some things are the same, but a lot has also changed.

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